Washington, DC history

The lost and untold history of Washington, DC.

real estate listings - December 17th, 1877

Old Ads & Classifieds

For Rent: 1523 P St. $25/mon or 911 L St. $40/mon

Source: Library of Congress We came across this advertisement in the December 17th, 1877 Evening Star. Luckily, the home on P Street is still there and you can have 1523 P St. for a cool $1,085,000....

Notable People & Places

Laying The Cornerstone of the Lincoln Memorial

Here are a couple great photographs from the cornerstone laying of the Lincoln Memorial. The ceremony was held on February 15th, 1915.  

Lincoln Memorial around 1921

Notable People & Places

Lincoln Memorial Before Some A-Hole Vandalized It

I’m pissed that someone threw paint on the Lincoln Memorial. It is the most epic form of disrespect in recent memory. Why the hell would you desecrate the sacred memorial to Abraham Lincoln? Are you a...

omnibus advertisement - July 5th, 1854

Old Ads & Classifieds

Omnibus Advertisement from 1854

Now this is a cool old (really old) advertisement from the Daily Evening Star, printed on July 5th, 1854. It’s an advertisement for omnibus or coach service to Alexandria. Source: Library of Congress

budweiser advertisement - January 15th, 1906

Old Ads & Classifieds

Awesome Full Page Budweiser Advertisement

This is a great full page ad run on January 15th, 1906 in The Evening Star. Source: Library of Congress

From the Crazy Vault

Dog-Bite Epidemic in Southwest

Here’s a wild article that we dug up in the archives. It was published on July 17th, 1924 in the Washington Post. Strict enforcement of the unmuzzled dog ordinance was ordered yesterday by Maj. Sullivan in...

Washington Times - July 28th, 1914

In the Paper

July 28th, 1914: Austria Has Chosen War

This is the front page of the Washington Times from Tuesday evening, July 28th, 1914, the day Austria-Hungary declared war on Serbia. Source: Library of Congress

Frances Benjamin Johnston seated with three other people in automobile

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Frances Benjamin Johnston in a Car

Here’s a cool photo from the early 20th century. It shows the famed photographer Frances Benjamin Johnston in an old automobile with three others. Source: Library of Congress

February 19, 1925. "M.S. Strock measuring radio lengths at the Bureau of Standards."

A Personal Story

Who Was Morris S. Strock?

It’s been a while since we dug into the story of someone we found in a an old photograph. The last one was the fascinating story of Annie O’Connell. Though these are not always the most...

old Italian embassy at 16th and Fuller

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Old Italian Embassy in Better Days

The building is such an amazing one and it’s truly sad that it still sits there empty. Hopefully someone will do something with it soon, as the shell of the building is just a sad reminder...

1907 Baist map of Catholic University

GoDCers Love Maps

1907 Map of Neighborhoods Around Catholic University

GoDCers love maps! And it’s been a while since we posted one. Here’s a great one from 1907 showing the area around Catholic University. Source: Library of Congress

Warren Buffett

Three Things...

Three People You Didn’t Know Were From D.C.

Warren Buffett, Ben Feldman, and Patch Adams were all from the Washington DC area.

Entrance to Washington Water Works, Great Falls, Potomac River - Photograph shows two men standing in a small flat boat near the spillway.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Entrance to the Washington Water Works

What an amazing photograph from the 1860s. This shows the entrance to the Washington Water Works near Great Falls. Source: Library of Congress

custom house in Alexandria

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Alexandria City Post Office and Custom House

Here is a great old photo we dug up showing the Alexandria Custom House in 1918. Source: Library of Congress

The Best Of, Why Is It Named...?

What is the District of Columbia? What Does D.C. Stand For?

What does DC stand for in Washington, DC? Wondered why it's called the District of Columbia? What is the District of Columbia?

Washington Monument Fourth of July celebrations 1919

Faces & Places of Yesterday, Notable People & Places

July 4th, 1919 Celebration at the Washington Monument

This is a great old photograph of the crowd at the base of the Washington Monument, celebrating the Fourth of July. Source: Library of Congress

Great Falls in 1864

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Beautiful 1864 Photo of Great Falls

What an awesome old photograph of Great Falls from 1864. Source: Library of Congress

Sunday. 7 yr. old news-boy, without a badge, who tried to "short-change" me when he sold me a paper. "He can rustle de poipers"another boy said. William Parralla, 313 Second St., S.W.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Amazing Photo of Young Paper Boy on Pennsylvania Avenue

What an incredible photograph this is. It shows a little 7-year-old newsboy trying to sell newspapers. The caption listed at the Library of Congress is also amusing. The photo was taken in April 1912, the same...