Washington, DC history

The lost and untold history of Washington, DC.

Glover Park advertisement

Old Ads & Classifieds

Glover Park Homes: $8,950 Upward

Check out this great old advertisement from The Washington Post, printed on October 9th, 1927. Those were the good old days. Some have Frigidaire!

inside armory square hospital

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Patients in Armory Square Hospital: 1865

Built in 1856, Armory Square Hospital stood for more than a century on Independence Ave and 7th Sts. SW. It was demolished in 1964, and has since been replaced by the National Air and Space Museum....

don't swim in the Potomac

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Potomac Water is a Health Hazard (1973)

Remember how nasty the Potomac River was? Yes, it’s still not the greatest, but it’s swimmable in some parts (as long as you don’t have open wounds). Back in the 1970s, it was absolutely polluted. Check...

Friendship, the home of the McLean family

Why Is It Named...?

Why Is It Named McLean Gardens?

The land on top of which McLean Gardens was built originally was the estate of John Roll McLean (i.e., McLean, VA).

First Congregational Church (10 and G Streets NW) c. 1946. Bert Sheldon Photograph Collection, HSW.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

First Congregational Church at 10th and G St. NW (1946)

Here’s a great old photograph from 1946, showing the church at 10th and G St, near Metro Center. First Congregational Church (10 and G Streets NW) c. 1946. Bert Sheldon Photograph Collection, HSW. Source: Historical Society...

Flood caused by the ice jam in the Potomac River in March, 1918. Scene in Georgetown. General Photograph Collection, HSW

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Georgetown Flood of March 1918

Check out this crazy photo. It’s almost hard to believe, but there was a huge flood in Georgetown back in 1918 and this is what it looked like (sorry for the blurry photo). Thanks so much...

Sister Beatrice, Superintendant of Providence Hospital in garden with another nun and St. Bernard dogs. c.1890. General Photograph Collection, HSW

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Afternoon Photo: Two Nuns and Two Big Dogs

What’s better than a photo of two nuns and a dog? Here’s a shot from somewhere in the 1890s of Sister Beatrice, the superintendent of Providence Hospital (learn about it here). Source: Historical Society of Washington,...

View from a Lockheed Elektra on approach to Washington National in 1967. The Watergate complex is under construction to the left and the Kennedy Center to the right.

Notable People & Places

Amazing Photo of Watergate and Kennedy Center Construction from the Air

This is such a great find. We came across this while checking out our favorite Facebook page, Old Time D.C. This is a shot from an Eastern Airlines flight on approach to National Airport in 1967....

Guest Posts, Notable People & Places

Capstone Placed on the Washington Monument

Here’s a drawing we found from the Library of Congress depicting the finishing touches on the Washington Monument – the placement of the capstone. This capstone, made of aluminum, was placed atop the monument in 1885,...

Truxton Circle

Why Is It Named...?

Truxton Circle: History of the Neighborhood and Name

Truxton Circle is a neighborhood of Northwest Washington, D.C., named for Commodore Thomas Truxton, a commander appointed by George Washington.

Old Ads & Classifieds

2101 Connecticut Advertisement in 1928

This is one of the most beautiful and ornate apartment buildings in all of Washington. It still sits at 2101 Connecticut Ave. NW, between Dupont Circle and Woodley Park. This advertisement was in The Washington Post in...

Old Ads & Classifieds

Petworth Homes Sunday. Price and Location Unequaled!

Want to buy a home in Petworth for $8,950? You could have if you were reading The Washington Post on October 9th, 1927. Here’s an advertisement that proves it.

Hollin Hall in 1938

Old Ads & Classifieds

Hollin Hall in 1938

Here’s a cool ad for Hollin Hall, the plantation on Little Hunting Creek (read about it here). Hollin Hall was a plantation deeded to Thomson Mason, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Virginia, by his...

boat club

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Boat Club by Aqueduct Bridge

Here’s a great shot that we found on Flickr. It’s the boat club just above Aqueduct Bridge (or where Key Bridge is today). Source: D.C. Public Library

Washington Post headline - March 18th, 1912

From the Crazy Vault

Man in Jealous Rage Kills Wife and Self

We wanted to dig up a few stories on Buzzard Point since it’s recently been in the news as the potential site for our new D.C. United soccer stadium. The one we found fits nicely into...

Aqueduct Bridge in 1898

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Aqueduct Bridge in 1898

Avid GoDC commenter Mike, sent along this great shot of the old Aqueduct Bridge. It’s a really cool photograph from 1898, and in the foreground, you can see the Connecticut Pie Company wagon.

Washington Monument from old State, War, and Navy Buildin

Notable People & Places

Washington Monument Seen from State, War, and Navy Building

Here’s a terrific old photograph that we dug up. We’ve never seen this angle before, showing the top of the Washington Monument, as viewed from the old State, War, and Navy Building. Source: Boston Public Library

Lincoln Memorial postcard

Notable People & Places

1930s Lincoln Memorial Postcard

This is a great little find. We dug it up at the Boston Public Library (no, not actually in their building … on Flickr). Source: Boston Public Library