Washington, DC history

The lost and untold history of Washington, DC.

Picketing the White House at Wilson's second inauguration, March 4, 1917

Historical Events

National Women’s Party Picketing the White House in 1917

Here’s a photo from March 4th, 1917. This was the date of Woodrow Wilson’s second Inauguration and the women picketing the East Wing of the White House are part of the National Women’s Party demanding a...

Notable People & Places

Terrific View of the Capitol Building From the Washington Monument

What an excellent photo. It’s labeled as being sometime between 1900 and 1920. Any GoDCers out there able to pinpoint the actual date? Source: Library of Congress

Town Marshall, Charles Collins, ticketing a car along Conduit Road (MacArthur Boulevard). Note the 12MPH limit. ca. 1907

From GoDCers

Glen Echo War on Diplomats

Source: Glen Echo-Cabin John History This is a terrific email that I received from a GoDCer earlier this week. Getting emails like this always makes my day, so please keep sending them (especially if you have...

digging the Washington Monument foundation

Notable People & Places

Building the Washington Monument’s Foundation

These are two amazing images that we dug up on the Internet. The first shows the construction of a concrete foundation for the structure. The second shows the team digging down to make the foundation. Source:...

Notable People & Places

19th Century Panorama of Washington

This is a great print done by Charles Magnus, sometime in the 19th century. Source: Library of Congress

Crowd on Watergate steps watching performance on barge at edge of Potomac River (ca. 1956). Burdell Wright, Jr. Photograph Collection

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Performance on Watergate Steps

Wow, what a cool old photo from the 1950s.

Suffrage open air meeting at the National Capitol demanding that Congress pass the National woman suffrage amendment-- Feb. 1913. Corner Penn. Ave. and 15th St. where the Washington Hotel now stands.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

1913 Suffrage Meeting at Pennsylvania and 15th

Below are two photos from a 1913 women’s suffrage meeting on 15th St.  

Washington in the 1910s

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Amazing View of Washington in the 1910s

Wow, this one is great. I wish I had a higher resolution version of this. This looks like a view up 15th Street with the Treasury Department on the left. Source: old-pictures.com

bird's-eye view of Washington in 1905

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Terrific 270-Degree View of 1905 Washington

We love these awesome panorama shots. This one is from 1905. Make sure you click on it for a much larger version. Source: Library of Congress

Andrew J. Cummings, Jr., on his pony "Sugar," Andrew J. “Cy” Cummings, and Zelpha Cummings, c. 1920-1923. From a print lent by Andrew J. Cummings, Jr. CCHS 2008.12.06.

Guest Posts

How ‘Big Cy’ Cummings of Chevy Chase Got the Top Job at Laurel Racetrack

Andrew J. ‘Cy’ Cummings was a larger- than-life figure in the early 1900’s in Chevy Chase, a football star at Georgetown, a successful farmer, a politician and a sportsman. Known as ‘Big Cy, he made a...

1915 panorama of Washington, DC

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Fantastic 1915 Panorama of the City

I don’t remember if this one was posted, but it’s amazing. It shows the city as it looked in 1915. Yes, the image below looks miniature … click on it for a larger version. Source: Library...

Missouri Avenue NW

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Concord Avenue Becomes Missouri Avenue

GoDCer Bob sent in this photo of a man putting up new street signs for Missouri Ave. The photo is from 1946.

Then and Now

Then and Now: 600 Block of Princeton Place

This is pretty cool. Look at it today on Google Street View. [googlemaps https://maps.google.com/maps?ie=UTF8&layer=c&sll=38.935594,-77.019736&cbp=13,228.82,,0,-4.08&cbll=38.935822,-77.019555&q=612+princeton+st+dc&hq=&hnear=612+Princeton+Pl+NW,+Washington,+District+of+Columbia+20010&ll=38.935594,-77.019736&spn=0.005683,0.011319&t=m&z=14&panoid=KeDU-qEKrmWSQbckWBhbbQ&source=embed&output=svembed] And check it out back in  the early 1920s. Source: Library of Congress

Lower Prince St. Alexandria, Virginia

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Alexandria As It Looked in 1940

Here is a series of cool old photos from Alexandria taken on September 23rd, 1940. Source: Charles W. Cushman Photograph Collection  

Demonstrators from a broad political spectrum picket outside the White House during the height of the Cold War confrontation between the United States and the Soviet Union over the placement of missile silos in Cuba. The Cuban missile crisis demonstration attracted elements on the fringe of American society as evidenced by the last panel frame showing members of an American neo-Nazi group protesting President John F. Kennedy’s “soft” stance on Cuba.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Neo-Nazis Picket White House; Urge Kennedy to Invade Cuba

This is a shocking old photo from 1962. These neo-Nazis are protesting in front of the White House during the Cuban Missile Crisis (October 14th to 28th, 1962), pushing for President Kennedy to invade Cuba. Source:...

GoDCers Love Maps, The Best Of

1891 Map of Street Sweeping

Now this is interesting. It’s a map from 1891 that shows the street sweeping schedule. Source: Library of Congress

Washington, D.C., circa 1918. "Pension Office interior." This former repository of Civil War veterans' pension records is now the National Building Museum. National Photo Company Collection glass negative.

Notable People & Places

Awesome 1918 View Inside the Pension Building

This is now the National Building Museum. What an amazing photo. Source: Shorpy

Faces & Places of Yesterday

1910s Traffic Jam on 15th Street

This is what a traffic jam looked like on 15th St. right next to the Treasury Department around 1915. These two photos were from the Library of Congress. Source: Library of Congress Source: Library of Congress