Washington, DC history

The lost and untold history of Washington, DC.

Washington, D.C., Pennsylvania Avenue, high view of the avenue looking east

Faces & Places of Yesterday

What an Amazing View of Pennsylvania Avenue in the 1920s

Check out this incredible view of Pennsylvania Avenue in the 1920s. Source: Library of Congress

.S. Capitol interiors: detail of structural work of dome interior

Faces & Places of Yesterday

1920s Interior Photo of the Capitol Dome

How great is this old photo from the 1920s? It shows the inside structure of the Capitol Dome. Source: Library of Congress

Map of Naval Hospital Washington, D.C. Showing Conditions on June 30, 1927. [includes hand-drawn "Proposed Extension of New York Avenue" and "Future Building Line"]. [map, Potomac Annex].Printed map, hand-colored with emendations. Marked "H.O. Misc. No. 7219" and "PW 2469". print 11x17 color. Navy Medicine Historical Files Collection - Facilities. [The New York Avenue extension was never built. Instead the North side of the base was cut off by an extension of Viginia Avenue, and the South side was truncated by the Institute of Peace.]

GoDCers Love Maps

1927 Map of the Old Naval Hospital

This is a great old map of the Old Naval Hospital shared by loyal GoDCer Michael. Thanks for sending! It’s extremely helpful to get great content from GoDCers when I’m up absurdly late with Ghost Baby.

proposed National Mall in early 1900s

Lost History

What Was the Proposed National Mall in the Early 1900s?

Check out the drawing of a proposed National Mall, as viewed from the Capitol Building. This was in the early 1900s. Source: Library of Congress

REO Speed Wagon advertisement

Old Ads & Classifieds

REO Speedwagon Wasn’t Just a Band

I never thought about looking into the origin of REO Speedwagon’s band name, but alas, coming across this old advertisement in The Washington Post from November 1919 answered the question that I never asked. And now, you...

Engraving of the Capitol after it was burned in August 1814

Guest Posts, Historical Events

Engravings of President’s House and Capitol After Burning of Washington

Below are two amazing engravings of the President’s House and the Capitol Building following the Burning of Washington on August 24, 1814. The engravings were done by William Strickland. The British marched on Washington and attacked...

view of Mall from Smithsonian

Notable People & Places

Beautiful Western View of Washington Monument From Smithsonian

What a beautiful view of the Mall from the Smithsonian. This was taken in the early 20th century. Source: Library of Congress

Ebbitt House in 1903

Lost History

What Did 14th and F Look Like in 1903?

Now this is an incredible photograph of 14th and F Street in 1903. The big, ornate building is the old Ebbitt House. You’re looking straight at it, with F St. heading to the left and 14th...

Mass. Ave. Heights in 1913

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Undeveloped 32nd and Woodland Drive in Mass. Ave. Heights (1913)

Whoa, how cool is this photo from 1913? This shows the intersection at 32nd St. and Woodland Dr. NW. Source: Library of Congress Here’s the Google Street View of the area today. UPDATE: We received an email...

Firemen putting out the Boundary Field fire

Notable People & Places

Nationals Ballpark Destroyed by Fire Three Weeks Before Opening Day

GoDCer Rych sent in a couple great photos which piqued our interest in the fire that destroyed our old ballpark. No, not Griffith Stadium (where was the stadium and what did it look like like?), but the...

Landscape drawing shows storefronts on Pennsylvania Avenue in Washington, DC between 22nd and 23rd streets. A shopkeeper stands in the doorway of one of the buildings. Women are on the sidewalk. A car is parked at the curb.

Faces & Places of Yesterday

1920s Drawing of Pennsylvania Avenue

What a beautiful drawing from the 1920s. This was done by Susan Brown Chase. Source: Library of Congress  

Capitol at night

Notable People & Places

Stunning 1910s Capitol Dome at Night

How beautiful is this image of the Capitol Building? It was taken between 1918 and 1920. Source: Library of Congress

Grover Cleveland's presidential train

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Railroad One? 1887 Grover Cleveland’s Presidential Train

Check out the transportation used by presidents before Air Force One. Source: Library of Congress

Maine Ave. SW 1865

Faces & Places of Yesterday, The Best Of

Incredible 1865 Photo of the Capitol

This photograph was taken in April 1865, which would have been right around the time of President Lincoln’s assassination. You can see the unpaved roads of Maine Ave, SW. There are buildings in the foreground with...

The National Cathedral

Notable People & Places

Check Out the National Cathedral Under Construction in 1925

This is an old photo from April 2nd, 1925, showing the National Cathedral under construction. Source: Library of Congress And here’s one of the interior under construction. Source: Library of Congress

1921 headline

From the Crazy Vault

Mass Ave. Frat House: Beer, Swearing, and “Suggestive Songs”

Oh my, “suggestive songs.” Not good, not good … especially in 1921 when this article was printed in The Washington Times. We came across an amusing headline, “Jollity of Frat Boys Results in Suit by Neighbor” and...

South portico of the White House as seen through entrance from East Executive Ave., N.W.

Notable People & Places

1923 View of White House South Portico

This is an excellent view of the White House’s South Portico. Make sure you click on the image for a much larger version. Source: Library of Congress

Shoomaker's and Globe Restaurant Company

Pictures Tell a Story

What’s Behind This Detailed Downtown Photo of Shoomaker’s Liquor Store in 1917?

I had some free time this weekend when Ghost Baby was snoozing, so I went deep on this photo I found at the Library of Congress. Source: Library of Congress Above is a terrific photo of...