Washington, DC history

The lost and untold history of Washington, DC.

Dulles Airport

Concrete, Steel and Glass: Dulles Airport is the Port of the Future

Dulles International Airport is one of only two federally owned airports in the country (National Airport being the other). Some find it to be an ugly monstrosity. Others find it to be an architectural masterpiece —...

The Naked “What?” Girl

I have to post this, and you definitely have to share it on Facebook :-). I have no story to go with it, but I found it on Shorpy. I think the photo speaks for itself....

Columbia Heights roller hockey (1926)

Before Ovechkin: Columbia Heights Roller Hockey

Before Ovechkin and the Washington Capitals, we had Barkley, Morrow, Harrison, W. Whiting and H. Whiting

Susan Ford gettin' down in the East Room with her date

Senior Prom at the White House

This is a serious case of right place, right time. The Class of ’75 at Holton-Arms had a notable classmate in Susan Ford, the daughter of President Gerald Ford. Susan’s final years of high school lined up perfectly...

Mrs. Bliven Featured

This Ain’t Your Regular Soccer Mom

This photograph from 1908 caught my eye. It is of 28-year-old Mary A. Bliven (wife of Frank S. Bliven) and Bertha, her 7-year-old daughter, sitting in a 1907 Franklin Model D.

Back to the Future (Wikipedia)

This Day in History: Marty McFly and Back to the Future

Okay, this isn’t a true “This Day in History,” but since I’m such a Back to the Future fan boy, I thought it would be interesting to see what was happening in D.C. on November 5th,...

"Graf Zeppelin over Capitol." The German airship on its visit to Washington in October 1928 (Shorpy)

Graf Zeppelin Floats Over U.S. Capitol

Here is an amazing photo that I came across on everyone’s favorite photo website, Shorpy. The Graf Zeppelin slowly cruised up the Eastern seaboard, paying a visit to the nation’s capital at about 12:30 p.m., floating...

National Capital Brewery (1917)

A Suicide and Disappearance at the National Capital Brewing Company

I thought the triple homicide post I put up was crazy. This one is right up there. The National Capital Brewery (cool PDF here) was a giant presence in southeast, near Capitol Hill. The plant stood at...

Betty White on the Betty White Show (Wikipedia)

Local Television Schedule for Sept. 13-19, 1954

I came across an old television guide from 1955 when looking through the National Archives online database. This is a great window into how different TV was 60 years ago. Pinky Lee, Concerning Miss Marlowe and...

Senator Boles Penrose's 1920 Winton (Shorpy)

Watch Out For That Tree! … Mailbox, Lamp Post and Emergency Callbox

The above photo from Shorpy is the aftermath of an icy accident in 1920. The car in the photo is a Winton Six, owned by the Republican United States Senator from Pennsylvania, Boies Penrose. It appears...

Palisades of the Potomac (1890)

Palisades of the Potomac (1890)

Here’s a nice old advertisement for the new development in the western half of Washington called the “Palisades of the Potomac.” The advertisement was created by the Palisades of the Potomac Land Improvement Company in June...

Newbro's Herpicide advertisement with Annie Oakley (1905)

Annie Oakley’s Dandruff

Here’s an odd one. I found an advertisement in the April 30th, 1905 Washington Post which featured Annie Oakley. Apparently she had some problems with dandruff.

Super Bowl XXVI

Hail to the Redskins!

Well, football is coming to a close this weekend and you’re probably thrilled to watch the commercials. Oh, and I’m sure everyone has their plans set to watch the Super Bowl too. One thing you will...

A new, distinctive, white bucksin boot (1919)

For Young Ladies, For Growing Girls, and For Misses (1919)

Here’s an old boot advertisement from the Washington Times. It ran in the June 23rd, 1919 edition. These were sold by Hahn’s, which had four stores in Washington at the time.

Buffalo Bill (1903)

In Hotel Lobbies: Buffalo Bill at the Willard Hotel

I’ve come across a mountain of great society columns in old Washington  Posts titled “In Hotel Lobbies.” This is going to make for some great material, so I’m kicking off a new category with the same...

1924 World Series program

The Senators Are In the World Series! (1924)

The eternally woeful Washington Senators were headed to the World Series in October of 1924 to face the New York Giants. Actually, during the 1920s, they were not that woeful. In fact, they were one of...

March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom program (1963)

March on Washington – “We Shall Overcome”

I started poking through the National Archives database the other day and came across the official program from the August 28th, 1963 March on Washington. This would have been a good one to share on Martin Luther...

Queen Liliuokalani, last royal ruler of Hawaii (1917)

Hawaiian ex-Queen Liliʻuokalani Comes to Washington

This might be the most unique ideas for a post that I have come up with thus far. Hopefully you will agree and enjoy reading it. I love Hawaii (who doesn’t?) and over the years I’ve...