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The lost and untold history of Washington, DC.

Rambler Bicycles advertisement in the Washington Times - July 31st, 1895

Old Ads & Classifieds

Rambler Bicycles Use the Fastest Tires on Earth

This city loves bikes … okay, a few angry drivers hate bikes, but they should work through those issues. WABA is a huge local advocate for our region, pushing for the greener form of transportation. Capital...

Walter Johnson in 1907

Notable People & Places

19-Year-Old Phenom Debuts For Washington: Walter Johnson

Ryan Zimmerman, Stephen Strasburg and now Bryce Harper. We have had some serious players groomed in the Nationals organization over the last several years. I love these guys, but none of them compare to the granddaddy...

Old Ads & Classifieds

Budweiser: Palatable, Healthful, Nutritious. Instrinsically Good.

Here’s a cool advertisement for Budweiser in the Washington Times. This is from 1917 and what’s interesting, of course, is that the sale of alcoholic beverages would be banned the following year with the beginning of...

Other Cool Stuff

Thirty-Five Acres in the Heart of Beautiful Chevy Chase

The Chevy Chase post last week was quite popular, so I’ll add another one for the neighborhood. I came across an article in the Washington Times from December 14th, 1918, only a month after Armistice Day...

From the Crazy Vault

Five-Year-Old Arrested for Getting His Kite Out of Tree

This is an odd story from the Washington Times. The paper reported on August 11th, 1908 the arrest of a young five-year-old. Yes, a little kid was arrested and it’s a bizarre story. Not only was...

Congress Heights advertisement - May 17th, 1902 (Washington Times)

Old Ads & Classifieds

Congress Heights: The Healthiest and Most Delightful Suburb of Washington

Admittedly, I do not focus enough east of the river. I was doing a little digging around the Library of Congress archives and came across this gem. This is an advertisement for homes in Congress Heights,...

Ghosts of DC store

Updates from the Blog

Love the Blog? Get a T-Shirt and Show Your Friends

Obviously I have an obsession with this blog, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this. But do you love the blog? If you do, you should get a shirt, a hoodie, a coffee mug or a pint...

Brookland homes advertisement in the Washington Post - May 10th, 1925

Old Ads & Classifieds

Brookland: New Six-Room Houses; Built-in Garages

Here’s an advertisement I found in the Washington Post. It’s from the mid 1920s and row houses were being sold throughout Brookland. Check out today’s view of the sample homes from the ad. The address is...

Glover Park homes advertisement in Washington Post - October 14th, 1928

Old Ads & Classifieds

Value Asserts Itself in Glover Park

Here’s a cool ad for homes in Glover Park in the late 1920s. The sample home was at 3833 Beecher St. NW, but the photo in the advertisement appears to be 3837 Beecher St. (according to...

Colorado Building at 14th and G St. NW

A Personal Story, From the Crazy Vault

The Crazy Family Problems of Real Estate Man William Matteson

Initially, this was going to be part of the previous post about Cathedral Highlands, but it was too good. This deserves it’s own post. Trust me when I say this is crazy. We learned from the...

Cathedral Highlands advertisement in the Washington Herald - June 23rd, 1907

A Personal Story, Reader's Choice

Move to Cathedral Highlands: An Unobstructed View of the Entire Surrounding Country

It’s been a little while since we’ve done a “Reader’s Choice” post, so this one is for GoDCer Samantha, who tweeted the request to do something on Cathedral Heights. I also haven’t really done anything about that...

Miss Jessie Hoover, of the Department of Agriculture in 1923 (Shorpy)

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Colorized Photo of the Milk Woman, Miss Jessie Hoover

This one’s cool … not as cool as Abe Lincoln, but pretty cool. Thanks Shorpy! [slideshow] This is a photograph (colorized) of Jessie Hoover of the Department of Agriculture. She was a milk utilization specialist and pushed...

Pearl Harbor 1941

Historical Events

The Morning of Pearl Harbor

In Washington, late into the evening of December 6th, reporters worked their normal, likely frantic, hours and submitted their articles in time to be published the following morning. War had been raging in Europe now for...

Chevy Chase Circle (Wikipedia)

Three Things...

Three Things That Happened At Chevy Chase Circle

We haven’t done a “Three Things…” post in a while, so let’s go to the far reaches of the District, up to the Maryland line, and talk about some things you didn’t know happened there long...

Edward M. Fossler article headline in Washington Post on August 15th, 1903

From the Crazy Vault

Crushed In Elevator, Edward Fossler Falls Ten Stories

So, this is a really crazy story. I came across the following headline in the Washington Post from August 15th, 1903. Okay, you piqued my macabre interest. I have to read this one. Edward M. Fossler,...

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Spooky Colorized Photo of Washington Opera Singer

This one is a little spooky with the way he’s looking at you. This is a photo of Harlan Randall of the Washington Opera and it appears as if he’s looking right through you. Creepy. When...

Lusitania sinking off the coast of Ireland (Ken Marschall)

Historical Events, This Day in History

Book a Crossing on the Lusitania: The Fastest and Largest Steamer Now in Atlantic Service

This is another haunting discover, much like the advertisement I uncovered for the Titanic (also, read about the notable DC resident that went down with that ship). I came across an advertisement in the Washington Post...

Army jeep containing soldiers on 9th Street with civilian car next to it. There is a sign over a storefront on the corner of the street which reads "SABIN'S 9TH & U RECORDS". Shows the northwest corner of the 9th and U Street (Scurlock Studio Records, ca. 1905-1994, Archives Center, National Museum of American History)

Then and Now

U St. and the Dickson Building After the Riots

The ’68 riots were a tragic and defining moment in our city’s history. Here’s a great then and now shot of 9th and U St. I think you’ll recognize the building in the middle, currently occupied...