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The lost and untold history of Washington, DC.

JFK in the Oval Office

Notable People & Places

Archival Footage of Kennedy in Oval Office

This is great old film footage of John F Kennedy in the Oval Office. The narration is in German (I believe – correct me if I’m wrong).

GoDC Challenges

Friday’s GoDC Trivia Challenge; Sweet Black T-Shirt Prize

Here it is again … your Friday Ghosts of DC trivia challenge. Last week’s winner, Katie, crushed it and is the proud owner of a brand new Officer Sprinkle shirt. We hope you proudly flaunt that...

padlocked gate

From the Crazy Vault

Girl Padlocks White House Gates; Locks Eisenhower Inside

You know how bad it sucks to accidentally lock yourself out of your house. How about when you’re locked in and your home is the White House? Well, that actually happened to President Eisenhower. Here is...

LBJ in the White House with his dogs Him and Her

Notable People & Places

LBJ’s Beagle Run Over and Killed in White House Driveway

How tragic is this? On June 15th, 1966, President Johnson‘s beagle was accidentally run over by the White House limousine in the driveway of the mansion. Ugh, that’s terrible. Here’s the report in the Washington Post...

Kennedy and Shermarke in 1962

Notable People & Places

Official Somali State Visit to the Kennedy White House (1962)

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fkMvXlvrsuY On November 27th, 1962, 361 days before Kennedy’s assassination in Dallas, the Prime Minister of the Somali Republic, Dr. Abdirashid Ali Shermarke, had an official state visit to the White House. We were able to...

Parade of 'Reds' Here Ends in Arrest of 29 - November 11th, 1928 (Washington Post)

Notable People & Places

Parade of Communists Arrested at State, War and Navy Building

Everyone is aware of the communist scare stirred up by Senator McCarthy in the 1950s. Due to the media circus around that, sensationalizing it for the masses, it is still what we think of when we...

Clara Barton's Missing Soldiers Office

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Afternoon Video: Clara Barton’s Missing Soldiers Office

We put out a call the other day for some story suggestions and GoDCer from Chicago, Rose, sent along the idea of digging into Clara Barton’s former office and boarding house on 7th St. NW. This...

White House northwest gate

From the Crazy Vault, Notable People & Places

First White House Gate Crasher (Literally)

The Salahis ain’t got nuthin’ on Doyle Allen Hicks of Waynesville, North Carolina. The former wanted to socialize with the president. The latter wanted to warn the president of a communist takeover. This is a colorful...

not really a bomb

From the Crazy Vault

Dumbass Causes Bomb Scare at State, War and Navy Building

Things were quite different about a century ago. People were a little more trusting, maybe naïve or innocent. I think this short piece in the Washington Post from January 9th, 1916 illustrates this perfectly. If this happened...

er a thrilling chase through the busiest streets of Washington, ... a couple of bootleggers and their car come to grief at the hands of the Capitol police - January 21st, 1922

From the Crazy Vault

Police in Battle With Rum Car

Prohibition was a rowdy time in D.C., much like the rest of the country. The police had to deal with bootleggers constantly in the city. This article from the Washington Times illustrates that in dramatic fashion....

neon sign Uptown Theater in Cleveland Park (tawbaware.com)

Three Things...

Three Big Movies at the Uptown Theater

It’s been a while since our last “Three Things…” post, so we queried the Twitterverse for GoDC suggestions on our next one. DrCapsFan, an old school GoDCer (i.e, a follower since week two) threw out a...

Photo showing a portion of the line waiting admission to the White House today

Notable People & Places

Thousands Wait in Line to Visit White House

Check out this photograph from January 2nd, 1922. This is the line of people waiting to get into the White House. The line stretches all the way up 17th St., across Pennsylvania Avenue in front of...

President and Mrs. Kennedy arrive in San Antonio - November 21st, 1963 (Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum)

Notable People & Places

November 20th, 1963: JFK to Make Fives Speeches and Attend Two Receptions in Texas

If you read this piece in the Washington Post on Wednesday morning, November 20th, 1963, you probably didn’t think much of it. President Kennedy was making a trip to Texas, the Vice President’s home state. The...

George, Lenore and Mitt (14) Romney at Detroit news conference after announcing he would see Republican nomination for governor of Michigan (February 10th, 1962)

Notable People & Places

Governor Romney Breaks 18th Century White House Antique and Doesn’t Care

This is classic. We found an article in the Washington Post from May 7th, 1967, detailing the klutzy maneuvers of then-presidential candidate, George Romney (and of course, father of current presidential candidate Mitt Romney). When Governor...

Faces & Places of Yesterday

Naval Academy Midshipmen at Superintendent’s House (1901)

This is an excellent photo from Shorpy. It shows a class of midshipmen in 1901 at the Naval Academy, hanging out on the porch of the superintendent’s home. Click on it for a larger image. Related...

scavenger hunt prize: an Officer Sprinkle shirt

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Win a GoDC Shirt! Our Afternoon Scavenger Hunt

You’re back from lunch. It’s raining. You’re a little sleepy and counting the hours until happy hour. Am I right? What you need is something to entertain you … a little competition with other GoDCers. Get...

Faces & Places of Yesterday, From GoDCers

A Day in the Life of Washington, 1936 [VIDEO]

This has to be one of the best finds in a long time … and this appears to be authored by fellow GoDCer Brian at National Journal. The film he uncovered is from the Works Progress Administration,...

Thomas J. Fisher & Co., Inc. advertisement - April 9th, 1911 (Washington Herald)

Old Ads & Classifieds

A Chevy Chase Home for $500 Down

Do you live in Chevy Chase? Was your down payment $500? I think it’s safe to say that’s off by a factor of around 200. Either you find this extremely amusing or slightly depressing. That amount...