Lost History

These are sad stories about things that no longer exist in Washington, D.C.

Proposed Grand Entrance to Key Bridge

Plans for proposed building projects in Washington, D.C. Perspective view of concourse and entrance to Key Bridge, 1928

What an incredible approach and entrance to Key Bridge. This was a proposed design for the approach and massive entry to Key Bridge from 1928. This is a fascinating piece of architecture that was never built. I’m assuming this is …

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Proposed Second Mall East of Capitol

Proposed drawing for Independence Square, Washington Memorial and grounds from model. Drawing for Independence Square III

Check this out. It’s a proposed design for a second mall, east of the Capitol Building. Obviously, this was never built, but imagine how different things would be. The design below was done as part of the Beaux-Arts Institute of …

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Unrealized Vision for Metro in 1966

proposed Metro map in 1966

As with any massive public project, Metro was full of contentious debates and heated arguments. Ultimately, we know where we ended up, but back in 1966, things we slightly different and proposals didn’t fully become realized. We’ve written a few …

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