GoDCers Love Maps

Cool old historical maps of Washington, D.C.

Great 1909 Map of the Palisades

1909 map of the Palisades

Mrs. Ghost, Ghost Baby, and I spent a nice Saturday afternoon celebrating a birthday at a lovely home in the Palisades. The two parents of the young birthday child (and GoDCers) have a great home with the former Glen Echo Electric …

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1835 Map of Washington, D.C.

1835 map of Washington

Here is an old map of Washington before the retrocession of the western portion back to Virginia. This was when the territory had three cities within it: Washington, Georgetown, and Alexandria, plus two counties in Washington County and Alexandria County. …

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1909 Map of Friendship Heights

1909 map of Friendship Heights

This is a cool old 1909 map of the area around Friendship Heights and Chevy Chase. Thanks to GoDCer Claire for pointing out that we didn’t have Friendship Heights in our neighborhoods menu. Enjoy the map Claire! Source: Library of …

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