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Answer to the Baseball House Puzzle

Baseball House Puzzle answer

Sorry, this was supposed to auto-publish yesterday afternoon, but didn’t. Here’s the solution to Donovan’s Baseball House Puzzle, printed in The Washington Post on October 7th, 1894. Did any of you get this? Below is the article. Last Monday evening Mr. J. …

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The Baseball House Puzzle of 1894

The Baseball House Puzzle

Here’s a terrific puzzle for you to solve, from our last post about the Baseball House and William Donovan. Below are the directions printed in The Washington Post back in 1894. We’ll be posting the answer at the end of the …

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GoDC Lunchtime Photo Challenge

Where is this?

Okay folks, welcome to the latest GoDC challenge. I know you’re dying to kill some time before the weekend, so here’s a lunchtime quiz for you. The first person to identify this photo and answer the three subsequent questions will …

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