Comparing Real Estate Listings From 1941

Given the wild real estate boom of the last year, we thought it would be interesting to look back to pre-World War II listings and see how those same houses look today in Zillow and Google Street View. We scanned the Evening Star classifieds from exactly 80 years ago today, July 12, 1941. Here’s what we dug up.

5050 Millwood Lane in DC

This nice home in the Kent neighborhood of Washington was listed for $30,000 in 1941. Not a bad price, considering it would be $549,000 in today’s dollars adjusted for inflation. There are some recent images of the home online here. It went on the market in August of 2017, selling for a whopping $5.2 million according to Zillow.

5050 Millwood Lane - $30,000
Advertisement for 5050 Millwood Lane in Kent from 1941

The advertisement for the home mentions it’s a five bedroom, four bath home, which included a maid’s room and a two-car garage. A pretty impressive array of features for a home in the 1940s.

Take a look at the Google Street View of the home today.

112 Grafton Street in Chevy Chase, Maryland

Another beautiful home, this time just outside the District in Chevy Chase, Maryland. For a mere $15,750 you could have this lovely home, which included air conditioning, three bedrooms, and a paneled den. Not bad! The Zillow listing of the home today values it at $1.9 million, having sold for $860,000 in 2002.

Advertisement for 112 Grafton Street

Here’s the Google Street View, a bit obscured by the trees, but you can still make out the house.

2821 South Glebe Road in Arlington

Last, here is one from Virginia, showing homes in Arlington off of South Glebe Road. They’re still there today, surrounded by some newer developments. The homes were quite affordable at the time. The Redfin estimate for the model home at 2821 South Glebe values it at $375,000.

Compare the Google Street View to the ad and you’ll see they look just about the same, with a car parked in almost the same spot!