Managasset: Lost Kalorama Mansion

These are some amazing old images we dug up showing a far more bucolic Kalorama.

We found some incredible old images of Kalorama, showing Managasset, the summer home “on the hill” where 20th St. meets Wyoming Ave. today. Sadly it was torn down to build the equally beautiful Altamont.

Originally from New York State, George was born in 1842 and served as a young Union Army officer in the Civil War. After, he received a degree in engineering from the University of Michigan.

At 45 year old, he purchased an estate north The Capitol named Eckington. Today, the neighborhood bears the same name. Eckington was the Truesdell winter home and Managasset was where they decamped for summer.

Not too shabby if you ask me.

Read a bit more on George Truesdell here.

Below is the site today on Google Maps.