House Bill Proposes Renaming D.C. to Reaganstown in 2005

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Believe me, this came as a shock to us as well when we came across an article in the Washington Post about renaming the nation’s capital after the 40th president, Ronald Reagan. The proposal came from Republican Congressman Henry Bonilla from South Texas.

Ronald Reagan in 1976
Ronald Reagan in 1976
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This is one of those things where a member tried to slip something in, under the radar before summer recess, but luckily for D.C., consummate District defender, Congressman Tom Davis from Virginia (also a Republican) stepped in to block it and called it “ridiculous.” Were it not for the actions of Representative Davis, we might all be living in Reaganstown reading the blog Ghosts of Reaganstown, which doesn’t quite have the same ring to it.

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Some in Congress thought it so absurd that they suggested we just call it Gippersville. Yep, it’s morning in America, welcome to Gippersville! Seriously? … rename the capital of the United States of America after Ronald Reagan? If we’ve learned one thing doing this blog over the last three years, it’s that truth is always stranger than fiction.

[pull_quote_center]Like it or not, regardless of your political affiliation, most people agree that Ronald Reagan was an American icon.[/pull_quote_center]

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If you remember, this was right around the time that Reagan passed away, so every Republican was trying to pay homage to their saint by renaming anything and everything after him. They succeeded at getting National Airport renamed for him, and mind you, renaming things ain’t cheap. Before you know it, there will be some giant monument to the man somewhere on the Mall.

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Okay folks, now that you’ve read this entire thing, mouth agape with incredulity, we’ll share one last tidbit. Happy April Fools’ Day! Share this with your friends on Facebook and Twitter so they can be equally dismayed.

One final thing. So this is just slightly true, with a huge embellishment. Bonilla did propose renaming 16th St. NW after Reagan in 2005. That obviously didn’t happen, but the Washington Post did cover it. Seriously, that part did happen.

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