Merry Christmas from Ghosts of DC

Merry Christmas everyone. We are rapidly approaching 2015 and Ghosts of DC’s third anniversary! It’s pretty crazy to think about that.

Below is a photo from Christmas 1918. In the background you can see a faded view of the Washington Monument.

December 1918 in Washington, D.C. "Christmas dinner for horses." That tree looks mighty tasty! Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative.
December 1918 in Washington, D.C. “Christmas dinner for horses.” That tree looks mighty tasty! Harris & Ewing Collection glass negative.

Source: Shorpy

Below is an article from The Washington Post describing the above scene.

The Haymarket, at Twelfth and B streets northwest, was an animated scene yesterday, when market horses were made the guests of a bountiful Christmas dinner. Motion picture photographers were there, and they secured views of the horses helping themselves from a Christmas tree on which were strung corn, carrots, apples, lumps of sugar and other delicacies. Horses have been hard at work delivering Christmas packages were given a chance to pose while partaking of a hearty dinner of oats. Every driver got a cup of hot coffee, but the horses were the real guests of honor.

Several ladies of the Washington Animal Rescue League were in charge of the dinner. They were ably assisted by Boy Scout Christen Davis, of Troop 59, and by Scouts Newman and Atkinson. The two latter furnished music. Portable troughs were carried to the horses in some cases, and they enjoyed their oats in spite of the rain and the busy hauling of trees and turkeys. One or two automobiles were also used in carrying oats to horses at the other markets. In all, it is estimated that several hundred horses received a reward for faithful work they had done to make Christmas happy for humans.

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