August 18, 2014

Map of Naval Hospital Washington, D.C. Showing Conditions on June 30, 1927. [includes hand-drawn "Proposed Extension of New York Avenue" and "Future Building Line"]. [map, Potomac Annex].Printed map, hand-colored with emendations. Marked "H.O. Misc. No. 7219" and "PW 2469". print 11x17 color. Navy Medicine Historical Files Collection - Facilities. [The New York Avenue extension was never built. Instead the North side of the base was cut off by an extension of Viginia Avenue, and the South side was truncated by the Institute of Peace.]

1927 Map of the Old Naval Hospital

This is a great old map of the Old Naval Hospital shared by loyal GoDCer Michael. Thanks for sending! It’s extremely helpful to get great content from GoDCers when I’m up absurdly late with Ghost Baby.