9th and G Street Looked Very Different in 1922

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How awesome is this old photo of 9th St. NW? According to the Library of Congress, this is from 1922, although it was mislabeled 9th and S St. Moore’s Rialto was located at 713 9th St. NW, which is close to G St. NW. I believe you’re looking at 9th St. heading north toward the left and G St. heading to the right.

9th St. NW
9th St. NW
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Source: Library of Congress

And here’s the map of the block from 1919. You can clearly see the bank and the theatre. This is the part of the block where Zaytinya sits today.

9th and G St. NW in 1919
9th and G St. NW in 1919
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