Twitter Poll for the Next If Walls Could Talk Post #GoDCIWCT

Are you ready for the next “If Walls Could Talk” post poll? We’re going to run this one via Twitter, so cast your vote below with a tweet. In no particular order, here are your candidates.

1. Click here to vote for Capitol Lounge – 229 Pennsylvania Ave. SE

2. Click here to vote for Lucky Bar – 1221 Connecticut Ave. NW

3. Click here to vote for Nanny O’Briens – 3319 Connecticut Ave. NW

4. Click here to vote for Comet Ping Pong – 5037 Connecticut Ave. NW

Feel free to vote as often as you like, and if you’re successful at getting retweets, those will count as votes too.

Any votes (twotes?) cast after 11:59 pm on Friday night will not be counted. Below, you’ll see the live votes coming in via Twitter (provided you’re remembering to use the hashtag #GoDCIWCT).