POTUS Morning Links

POTUS speaks: The President gave a big speech last night. It was his 5th SOTU, and he only has two more in him. [WhiteHouse.gov]

Obama SOTU 2014
Obama SOTU 2014

Reagan SOTU: POTUS 40 was pretty funny in his SOTU 32 years ago. Make sure you watch it here.

Pay parking on the Mall?: There’s no such thing as free parking … at least there might be fewer free spots. [DCist]

Silver lining: We’re getting really close to having the next Metro line. The first rail tests were run, with no results or start date yet announced. [Washington Post]

Hecht’s building gets new life: This is amazing … the old Hecht’s building on New York Ave. is going to get a second life. 300 new apartments and 1,000 parking spots with shopping. [Washington Post]