Snowy, Icy Morning Links

That snowstorm wasn’t as bad as we thought. I was really hoping for a mini-Snowpocalypse. You?

Here are your morning links GoDCers!

Animals love snow: You have to check out these photos of animals playing in the snow at the National Zoo. [DCist]

FLOTUS dunks: This video of Michelle Obama doing a dunk photobomb is classic. BOOM!

The 90s are back!: Wow. Did you know Cowboy Mouth was still around? Well, they’re playing at 9:30 Club this Friday.

Not good McDonnell. Really not good.: Indicted on corruption charges? Seriously not good for the former Virginia governor. [Washington Post]

This day in history: Hazing trials were taking over at Annapolis on January 22nd, 1906. Cases were being brought to court martial for making students stand on their heads. Their heads! Check out the front page of The Evening Star.