Answer to the Baseball House Puzzle

Sorry, this was supposed to auto-publish yesterday afternoon, but didn’t. Here’s the solution to Donovan’s Baseball House Puzzle, printed in The Washington Post on October 7th, 1894.

Baseball House Puzzle answer

Baseball House Puzzle answer

Did any of you get this? Below is the article.

Last Monday evening Mr. J. T. Hodgkin was one of the most surprised as well as one of the most pleased men in Washington when word reached him that he had won the elegant solitaire diamond, offered by Mr. William J. Donovan for the first correct solution of this Baseball House Puzzle. This contest, which was inaugurated May 28, and closed September 30, has proved a great advertising scheme, if one may judge from the thousands upon thousands of solutions which were carefully examined and classified by a committee chosen for this purpose …

In speaking of this contest Mr. Donovan remarked that he had taken a long chance in putting so much money into a puzzle, but at the finish feels himself well repaid. it has made hundreds of new friends for the already popular Baseball House, and it will be a long time before Washingtonians forget that the number is 1528 Seventh street. Mr.Donovan has not fully decided, but expects to soon offer the public another of these interesting contests, which demonstrate his very shrewd ideas of advertising.