October Statistics from the Blog

We were checking out some of our October stats in Google Analytics and thought it would be interesting to share them with you.

The top three posts by unique page views were:

  1. Vintage Metro Construction Photos
  2. Lost History: D. Mullany’s Saloon
  3. Stop Blaming Washington

Last year during October, 21% of you were accessing the site via your mobile devices. This October, that number went up to 29%. Interestingly, for those of you reading on your phones, your time spent on the site is 42% higher than last year. Maybe you have longer commutes? Also, the vast majority of you (75%) are iPhone and iPad users. Shockingly, someone is still using a BlackBerry to check out Ghosts of DC. Get rid of that thing!

Impressively, there were over 1,200 of you who visited the site between 101 and 200 times in October. If that was you, I hope you still have a job.

Over 1,000 of your hadn’t visited the site in over a month, so welcome back!

The top three states for readers (outside the D.C. area) are New York, California, and Pennsylvania. Thanks for checking us out! Do we need Ghosts of NYC, Ghosts of San Francisco, and Ghosts of Philly?

Well, that’s enough for our random October stats. Have a great weekend!