This Weekend: Rorschach Theatre Halloween Haunts

Don’t miss this. It’s time for another round of GoDC-inspired plays by the Rorschach Theatre.

Five local playwrights and over 20 actors and directors will be sharing some of the most amazing true stories about our city’s scariest haunts. GoDC doesn’t typically write about traditional ghosts, more the metaphorical ones, but given that All Hallow’s Eve is fast approaching, it seems appropriate.

Come check this out on Saturday, October 26th at the Warehouse Theater.

Rorschach Theatre

Warehouse Theater
645 New York Avenue NW, 
Washington DC 20001
(New York Avenue entrance is around the corner from the old 7th Street entrance)

 PRODUCED BY: Jenny McConnell Frederick and Randy Baker

WRITTEN BY: Brett Abelman, Kathryn Coughlin, Maboud Ebrahimzadeh, Jack Novak and David Robinson
FEATURING: Chris Aldrich, Kathleen Cole Burke, Katrina Clark, Kyle Encinas, Valerie Fenton, James Finley, Tina Ghandchilar, Anna Jackson, Emma Jackson, Steve Lee, Lee Liebeskind, Ryan Mitchell, Kevin O’Reilly, Megan Reichelt, Sarah Taurchini and Sara Dabney Tisdale
DIRECTED BY: Jodi Kanter, Kelsey Mesa, Maureen Monterubio, Matt Ripa and Joel David Santner