Day: August 26, 2013

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Feb. 9, 1928. Washington, D.C. "Peter Pan, wire-haired terrier pet of the personal secretary to President Coolidge and Mrs. Edward T. Clark, arrived at the White House today attired in 'flapper galoshes'."

Peter Pan Wearing Rubber Galoshes (Bizarre)

What is better than a dog wearing galoshes? Ghost Dog doesn’t plan on getting these anytime soon. But, I think you can see why I had to post it. Oh, and it happens to be the pet dog of President

Washington, D.C., circa 1921. "People's Drug Store, Seventh & K, night." With a lurid display of "trusses and rubber goods." National Photo Co.

Amazing Photo of People’s Drug Store at 7th and K

What an incredible photo. Thanks to Shorpy for posting this one. Source: Shorpy The building above is the old People’s Drug Store at 7th and K  St. NW (where it intersects Mass. Ave.) and below is another great photo of

1906 Ford

1906 Speed Limit Set: 12 Miles Per Hour

This is an amusing little piece that we dug up in the Baltimore Sun from April 7th, 1906. Ever complain about the speed limits in the city today? Take a look at what they were like over a hundred years

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