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I’m Pissed at Whoever Threw Paint on the Lincoln Memorial – Here’s the Proposed Punishment

Lincoln Memorial around 1921
Find out why someone throwing paint on the Lincoln Memorial is the most disrespectful thing in recent memory. Plus, discover the proposed punishment for the perpetrator(s) of this heinous act.
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I’m pissed that someone threw paint on the Lincoln Memorial. It is the most epic form of disrespect in recent memory. Why the hell would you desecrate the sacred memorial to Abraham Lincoln? Are you a Confederate rebel?

On a more positive note, here is a great old image we dug up of an unvandalized Lincoln Memorial around 1922.

Lincoln Memorial around 1921
Lincoln Memorial around 1922
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Source: Library of Congress

The GoDC proposed punishment is for the perpetrator(s) to stand at the top of the Lincoln Memorial steps and apologize directly to every single visitor. Then, throw them in prison for a few years.

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