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Day: July 29, 2013

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Lincoln Memorial around 1921

Lincoln Memorial Before Some A-Hole Vandalized It

I’m pissed that someone threw paint on the Lincoln Memorial. It is the most epic form of disrespect in recent memory. Why the hell would you desecrate the sacred memorial to Abraham Lincoln? Are you a Confederate rebel? On a

omnibus advertisement - July 5th, 1854

Omnibus Advertisement from 1854

Now this is a cool old (really old) advertisement from the Daily Evening Star, printed on July 5th, 1854. It’s an advertisement for omnibus or coach service to Alexandria. Source: Library of Congress

Dog-Bite Epidemic in Southwest

Here’s a wild article that we dug up in the archives. It was published on July 17th, 1924 in the Washington Post. Strict enforcement of the unmuzzled dog ordinance was ordered yesterday by Maj. Sullivan in a bulletin issued to

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