Day: July 23, 2013

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Sunday. 7 yr. old news-boy, without a badge, who tried to "short-change" me when he sold me a paper. "He can rustle de poipers"another boy said. William Parralla, 313 Second St., S.W.

Amazing Photo of Young Paper Boy on Pennsylvania Avenue

What an incredible photograph this is. It shows a little 7-year-old newsboy trying to sell newspapers. The caption listed at the Library of Congress is also amusing. The photo was taken in April 1912, the same month as the Titanic’s

Stranger’s Guide and Map of Washington in 1892

If you were heading to the nation’s capital in 1892 (not for the World’s Fair of course), a map like this would have been extremely helpful. Even now, though the streets are logically laid out in letters and numbers, people

Risque Films Banned in D.C.

An article was published in the Washington Times mentioning that the D.C. Commissioners would revoke theater permits for proprietors who revoked the new ban twice.

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