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July 18, 2013

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Help Us Identify This Home from the Library of Congress - It Appears to be from 1920
Can you help us identify this home from the Library of Congress? It appears to be from 1920 and we'd love to know if it still exists today. Check out the photo and interior shot and let us know what you think!
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Sally Halterman: The First Woman to Receive a Motorcycle License in D.C.
Sally Halterman was just 27 years old, 88 pounds and just under five feet tall. That didn't stop her from becoming the first woman to receive a license to operate a motorcycle in D.C. This photo was taken on September 15th, 1937, with Halterman sitting on her bike in front of the Lincoln Memorial.
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A Photographic Look Back at the East Front of the Capitol Building in the 1860s
Thanks to the Library of Congress, we can take a photographic look back at the East Front of the Capitol Building as it appeared in the 1860s. See the amazing photograph here!
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