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June 28, 2013

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Uncovering a Mystery: A Truck Loaded with 10,000 Bottles of Whistle, Orange Soda
We dug up this photo on Shorpy and it shows a truck loaded down with 10,000 bottles of Whistle, orange soda. We're trying to make out the building numbers behind it, but no luck. Can you help us uncover this mystery?
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Lyndon Johnson Sent This Photo to Lady Bird During Their Courtship
Discover the sweet gesture of love Lyndon Johnson sent to his beloved, Claudia Alta "Lady Bird" Taylor, during their courtship. A photo from the National Archives reveals Johnson's touching message of admiration.
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Discovering History: A Look at a Photograph from the Smithsonian Archives
Take a look back in time with this photograph from the Smithsonian archives. Discover history and explore the Renwick Gallery from around 1920.
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