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Day: April 12, 2013

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The Republican Congressional Baseball Team Parading Around American League Park in 1926 & Ron Paul's Double in 1983
In 1926, the Republican Congressional baseball team paraded around American League Park in this rather strange photo. Don't forget to watch Ron Paul crank a double in 1983 - the Houston Astros uniform he's wearing is awesome!
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A ‘Nervous’ Elvis Appears on Jimmy Dean’s WMAL-TV Show
Elvis Presley gave a short interview to Jimmy Dean on WMAL on March 23, 1956, a few weeks after he had released "Heartbreak Hotel."
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Washington's Metropolitan Policemen on Motorcycle
This is an awesome photograph of Washington’s Metropolitan Police Department in 1922, on their motorcycles. (I’d hate to be the guy riding in the sidecar.) The photo was taken on April 26th, 1922. Photograph shows a group of motorcycle policemen, from left to right: “Sergt. J.E. Boyle, L.F. Reilly, W.D. Vaughn, F.S. Tyser, L.D. Redman, D.E. Gailmore, G.P. Waite, R.H. Mansfield,...
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Exploring the Fascinating Faces in a 1924 World Series Crowd Shot
Step back in time and explore the fascinating faces in a 1924 World Series crowd shot. From African-American men in a sea of white faces to ghostly figures, there's something for everyone!
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