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March 7, 2013

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The Archbishop John Carroll Lions: DC’s Best-Ever High School Hoopsters
Revisit the magical and majestic memories of DC's best-ever high school basketball team, the Archbishop John Carroll Lions, who reeled off a 55-game winning streak from 1958 to 1960, and their courageous efforts in racial integration.
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Explosion of Gas in Sewer Main Causes Chaos in Georgetown - A Washington Post Story from 1889
Read the incredible Washington Post story from 1889 about an explosion of gas in a sewer main in Georgetown that caused chaos in the area. This is a wild story you won't want to miss!
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An Incredible Look Back Through Time: An Old Photograph of the Cairo Building from the 1890s
An incredible look back through time – take a glimpse of the past with this old photograph of the Cairo Building from the 1890s. Discover the history of this incredible structure.
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A Look Back at Southwest Washington, D.C. Before the War
Take a look back at Southwest Washington, D.C. before the war with this amazing photograph of two young boys. See how the area was before it was destroyed and rebuilt in the ugly, brutalist style that stands today.
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A Look at the Transformation of the Washington Manual Training High School to the Asbury Dwellings Apartment Building
Take a look at the transformation of Washington Manual Training High School to the Asbury Dwellings Apartment Building in this post. See the 1895 perspective sketch of the school and the current Google Street View of the corner today.
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Swimming Pool Rules: Some Things Never Change
Rules at the swimming pool never change. Learn more about the history of swimming pool rules and regulations, and how they have been passed down through generations. Take a look back to the pasty white underbelly of wartime Washington in July 1942.
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