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February 11, 2013

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A Look at the Mayflower Hotel on Connecticut Avenue in the 1920s
Take a look at this old image of the Mayflower Hotel on Connecticut Ave. in Washington, DC, some time in the mid to late 1920s. Learn more about this iconic hotel and its place in American history.
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This is Absolutely Horrifying: How the Ku Klux Klan Marched Down Pennsylvania Ave. in 1928
In 1928, the Ku Klux Klan was allowed to march down Pennsylvania Ave. Learn about this horrifying event, and watch a video of it. Understand why this is so unsettling, and how it affected our nation.
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A Blast from the Past: A Picture from the Chevy Chase Ice Palace in November 1942
Take a trip back in time and explore the Chevy Chase Ice Palace in November 1942. See a great photo of a couple doing fancy ice skating and learn more about this unique place in Washington, D.C.
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Gone With the Wind? A Bizarre Incident at Meridian Hill Park in 1938
In June 1938, residents near Washington, DC's Meridian Hill Park reported a nude man roaming the park. When police arrived, only a pair of pants, a shirt, two shoes, a belt, a hat, and five dollars in cash were found. What happened to the man? Read the full story to find out!
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Ghost Dog is Back with Three Stories about Sheridan Circle
Ghost Dog is back with three stories about Sheridan Circle, the most beautiful residential district in Washington. Learn about the 1976 assassination of Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffitt, the rise of the mansions and a prank involving the statue of General Sheridan.
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