Top 10 Ghosts of D.C. Halloween Costumes

dude on metro in costume (via

We would be doing GoDCers a disservice if we did not compile a list of the top five GoDC-related customers for Halloween. These are some of the most colorful characters that we have come across in the 10 months since we launched.

10. Alice Reighly: don’t undress me with your eyes

The woman in charge of the 1920s Anti-Flirt Club would be a great costume for some of the female GoDCers out there, especially those of you planning on heading to Adams Morgan.

9. Archibald Butt: aide to the President and Titanic passenger

The sad story of Archibald Butt was a popular most in our first months of existence. Read up on his story and how he spent his final hours as the Titanic was sent to the bottom of the Atlantic.

8. Leslie Coffelt: White House police officer who saved Truman

Coffelt was the first and, thus far, only officer to die in the line of duty, protecting a president during an assassination attempt. It took place outside of Blair House on November 1st, 1950 and Coffelt was the hero who gave his live to save President Truman.

7. Claude Grahame-White: the daring British aeronaut

Forget skydiving from a balloon 25 miles in the air. This dude decided to land his plane next to the White House … literally, between the West Wing and the State, War and Navy Building. Now that is a badass.

6. Jhoon Rhee: Taekwondo master of “nobody bothers me”

Rhee is known as the father of American Taekwondo after arriving here in the 1950s. He’s also known as the guy behind the “nobody bothers me” commercials. They are awesome.

5. Teddy Roosevelt: rough riding U.S. President

The rough rider himself took solo walks outside of the White House and was once (allegedly) seen whipping a girl for attempting to pass him as they rode in Rock Creek Park.

4. Vijo Jansen: the body snatching “resurrectionist”

Vijo, a super creepy dude in the late 19th century, was a body snatcher. He would wander the cemeteries of D.C. late at night, dig up the bodies and sell them to the medical school at Columbian University (i.e., George Washington University today).

3. Chuck Brown: the “Godfather of Go-go”

The man who needs no introduction to the musically inclined District residents. The recently departed Chuck Brown was at the core of the D.C. music scene and it would a fitting tribute to dress up as Chuck for Halloween.

2. Marjorie Morris: the “whoopee” party girl

The girl who probably had more fun in her  youth than a dozen GoDCers combined, this flapper-era youngster is a great character to impersonate for Halloween, especially since at least a handful of you will be dressed as a flapper anyway. Give yourself a name: Marjorie Morris, the “whoopee” party girl.

1. Officer Sprinkle: the patron saint of Ghosts of DC

The man who needs no introduction to the Ghosts of DC community, Officer Joshua L. Sprinkle of the Metropolitan Police Department. If you already have a hipster mustache, you’re halfway there\