Three Things You Didn’t Know From Bigwig Digs

Bigwig Digs

A great new site launched today and the GoDC community is going to love this one. It’s called Bigwig Digs, put together by the folks at Urban Turf.

This is a cool site, not only for the obvious stars in their lineup — Richard Nixon, Duke Ellington and Bob Dole — but more so for the lesser known, untold stories of properties in our area.

Bigwig Digs

Bigwig Digs

We spend, what amounted to, too much time (because we love this stuff) poking around the site, and every other page was a “huh, I didn’t know that” moment. Here are some of the highlights in our favorite “Three Things…” format.

1. Jim Morrison

Did you know the Doors‘ wild front man grew up in the area? He was the son of a U.S. Navy Admiral and spent much of the 1950s living in Arlington, graduating from Alexandria‘s George Washington High School in 1962. Jim lived for a time at 2320 North Evergreen St., as well as 1327 South Glebe Rd, in Arlington.

Five years later, he would be fronting his psychedelic rock band for an audience in the International Ballroom at the Washington Hilton.

2. Gerald Ford

Okay, this is obviously the least surprising of the bunch, but I’m not talking about the White House. He went from House Minority Leader and Congressman from Michigan to Vice President and then President in about nine months. The only election he won was being elected by the citizens of Michigan’s Fifth Congressional District.

He lived in Alexandria with his wife, Betty, at 514 Crown Dr. and continued to live there as vice president as well as a short time as president.

3. Warren Beatty

Warren Beatty

Warren Beatty

Unbeknownst to us, Beatty spent a large chunk of his adolescence in the 1950s, growing up in Arlington (do you know why it’s named Arlington?). That’s right, he grew up in the quite Dominion Hills area, just north of Wilson Boulevard.

Beatty built his career on extraordinary acting talent but happens to be the younger brother of famous actress Shirley MacLaine. The two spent their teenage years in this brick colonial house, located at 930 N Liberty Street, in Arlington, Virginia.

Am I the only one that didn’t know he’s related to Shirley MacLaine? Two points for Bigwig Digs. Zero points for Ghosts of DC.

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