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August 20, 2012

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Check Out This Epic Traffic Jam on Constitution Avenue from 1937
Check out this epic traffic jam on Constitution Avenue from 1937 - and find out why it's called Constitution Avenue! Learn about the history of this iconic street in Washington DC.
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Exploring the Changing Meaning of "Bringing Home the Bacon" in Washington
Explore the changing meaning of "Bringing Home the Bacon" in Washington, DC. Learn how pork got a bad rap in terms of money and a good one in terms of culinary cachet. Read about Mendel Rivers, John Stennis, and The Pig restaurant in this article.
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An Isometrical View of the White House and Surrounding Area in the 1850s
Take a look at an isometrical view of the White House and the surrounding area in the 1850s. This unique view was found in the Library of Congress archives and was done in 1984.
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Discovering an Amazing Old Map of Washington, D.C. from 1851
Check out this amazing 1851 map of Washington, D.C.! I found this gem on the Library of Congress' website. Sign up for our updates and follow us on Facebook for more discoveries from Ghosts of DC.
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Charles Lindbergh's Horseshoe Championship Win at President Hoover's Summer Camp in 1929
Read about Charles Lindbergh's horseshoe championship win at President Herbert Hoover's summer camp in 1929, just a few months before the start of the Great Depression. Learn about the White House and Constitution Avenue, too!
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