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August 17, 2012

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Revisiting the Oval Office with John F Kennedy in Rare Old Film Footage (in German)
Relive the days of John F Kennedy in the Oval Office with this rare old film footage. The narration in this clip is in German - revisit the past with JFK and experience a piece of history!
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When the White House was Locked In: The Amusing Story of Angeline Cliett
Read the amusing story of Angeline Cliett, the 19-year-old Texan who locked the White House gate in 1958. Learn why President Eisenhower took no action against her and how the situation was resolved!
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The Tragic Story of President Johnson's Pet Beagle Run Over by the White House Limousine
On June 15th, 1966, President Johnson's beagle was accidentally run over by the White House limousine in the driveway. Here's the heartbreaking report from the Washington Post the following day.
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