Win a GoDC Shirt! Our Afternoon Scavenger Hunt

scavenger hunt prize: an Officer Sprinkle shirt
scavenger hunt prize: an Officer Sprinkle shirt

scavenger hunt prize: an Officer Sprinkle shirt

You’re back from lunch. It’s raining. You’re a little sleepy and counting the hours until happy hour. Am I right? What you need is something to entertain you … a little competition with other GoDCers. Get ready for our first (online) scavenger hunt.

We’re posting five questions for you and you can answer each of them in the comments below. Please keep your answers numbered to associate them with the questions. The first person to post five correct answers will win the prize: an Officer Sprinkle baseball shirt (you’ll be the envy of all your friends). So, here we go …

  1. Officer Sprinkle used to live in Northeast D.C. What was his street address?
  2. Before refrigeration, ice was shipped in from Maine to preserve perishable goods … tons of ice. We posted an add for a company that brought this ice to D.C., of which Mr. Yerkes was superintendent and Mr. Church was president. What was the storage capacity of their facility as advertised?
  3. We wrote about a hanging that decapitated a man in a macabre post. What was this man’s full name?
  4. President John Adams and his personal secretary (and nephew) William Shaw travelled together from Philadelphia to Washington when the capital officially moved to D.C. in 1800. On what date did they depart the City of Brother Love?
  5. What DC establishment was the subject of our first “If Walls Could Talk” post?