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June 8, 2012

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Forget What You've Heard: Frederick Douglass Was a Howard University Man
Discover the long-lasting legacy of Frederick Douglass at Howard University, from raising funds to receiving an honorary doctorate to testifying before Congress. Read about his speech at Howard in 1878.
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An Incredible Photo of the State, War, and Navy Building in Washington, D.C. Late 19th Century
This incredible photo of the State, War, and Navy Building in Washington, D.C. was taken by William Henry Jackson some time near the end of the 19th century. View the high-resolution shot and related articles at GhostsofDC.org.
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The Horrible Tragedy of Columbia Heights in 1906
Explore the tragedy of Columbia Heights in 1906, where nine mysterious deaths occurred in the span of 12 months. Read about the horrific events that took place in this DC neighborhood.
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The Big Train's Nuptials: The Low-Key Wedding of Walter Johnson in Columbia Heights
Take a look back at Walter Johnson's low-key wedding in Columbia Heights in 1914, one of the best story tips we've received thus far. Learn more about the wedding, read the original newspaper article, and see the historical Baist maps of the area.
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