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Day: May 31, 2012

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John Bruebaker's death certificate (Congressional Cemetery)

Georgetown Canal Boatmen Brawl; Brutal Fight Ends in Murder

I was poking around the archives of both The Washington Post and The Washington Times to come across a gem of a story to share and the one that caught my eye involved two Georgetown boatmen engaged in a brutal fight to the death. Reading through any article titled “Murder in Georgetown,” you’re primed for a […]

Arcade Market in Columbia Heights (Library of Congress)

Columbia Heights Arcade Gets First Roof Garage in D.C.

Driving was still not the primary mode off transportation in the city with streetcars crisscrossing the city, but John Blick, head of the Arcade Market going up in Columbia Heights felt strongly enough about making as easy as possible to park as close to the Arcade as possible. Remember when we almost had a Whole […]

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