Day: May 18, 2012

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Bass Ale advertisement in the Washington Herald - December 24th, 1911

Bass Ale For Christmas Eve 1911

Did you know Bass Ale was available in Washington back in 1911? I did not. Well, it would be only for another six years until Prohibition set in on the city. This was an advertisement I came across in the

Fairlawn real estate advertisement from the Washington Herald - July 22nd, 1911

To See Fairlawn Means a Lot

This is an advertisement for new development and real estate across the Eastern Branch, near Anacostia. Click on the ad for a closer look at what is a harsh window into a very different (and blatantly racist) time in Washington.

Fort Lincoln Heights: Parts of Barbadoes and Scotland

I want to branch out a little more and represent more neighborhoods. This is a great old real estate advertisement — I’ve been finding a ton of these lately — highlighting Fort Lincoln Heights in NE Washington. Yes, I know

Friends School Country Club House advertisement in the Washington Herald (1910)

Country Addition to Friends School (1910)

Cool. I love these. The Gonzaga one was quite popular with readers as was the St. Albans ad. This is Sidwell Friends School — the name has gone through a few iterations — back in 1910. They had recently acquired

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