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Day: May 14, 2012

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Abraham Lincoln for President in the Daily National Republican - July 21st, 1864

For President: Abraham Lincoln of Illinois

This is a great find. I was digging through old newspapers in the Library of Congress’ Chronicling America archives and came across this from the Daily National Republican. It dates back to July 21st, 1864. Related articles Lincoln’s close call with electoral defeat (csmonitor.com) Ford’s Theater Opens $25 Million, 10-Story Building On Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday (dekerivers.wordpress.com) […]

Sargol Company Flesh Builder advertisement in the Washington Times - May 12th, 1912

Let Us Make You Fat

This is an odd advertisement that wouldn’t play well today. Below the image of the man and woman snickering about the skinny people behind them, This is a generous offer to every thin man or woman reader of The Times. We positively guarantee to increase your weight to your own satisfaction or no pay, Think this over–think […]

Independent Ice Co. advertisement in The Evening Critic - May 6th, 1885

Before Fridges, Ice From Maine Shipped to D.C.

Ice harvesting in Maine was a booming industry in the late 19th century through the first decades of the 20th century. The Independent Ice Company, headed by C. B. Church, was one of the larger distributors of ice in Washington. Each season, they would send a team of men to the Kennebec River in Maine […]

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