Let’s go CAPS!

Today is the 133rd day of the year and it’s also the day the Caps can advance to the conference finals.

  1. Sleezy 14th Street Porno District — You’re sick. You’re all sick. Get your mind out of the gutter.
  2. Senator John Stennis Mugged and Shot in Front of Cleveland Park Home — Crazy story. Luckily Stennis lived, but what a horrible thing to go through.
  3. San Diego Padres Move to Washington for 1974 Season — Would you be a Padres fan? What if Tony Gwynn was our guy?

Today I’m going to refrain from highlighting the duds because we’re focusing on the positive … like winning and beating the Rangers (maybe smoke some winner cigarettes?).

But we will share with you stuff we found on the Interwebs. Chek out some things we found interesting.

  1. Holt House, Going, Going… — Very cool post on the sad and decaying Holt House (the house that most people aren’t familiar with within the grounds of the National Zoo).
  2. Blight Fight — Yo Jemal! Don’t tear these down. These ghostly buildings need to be saved and preserved. Please don’t kill our connection to the past.
  3. Columbia Heights Community Marketplace opens Saturday the 12th! — Yes! I will see you there.

Let’s go CAPS!

Washington Capitals (rocktheredpitt.blogspot.com)
Washington Capitals (rocktheredpitt.blogspot.com)

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