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Day: May 7, 2012

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Wreck at Massachusetts Ave. and 21st St. in 1917 (Shorpy)

Car Flattened Near Dupont – Another Look

I came across another angle for the nasty wreck at Mass Ave and 21st St. NW. I posted about this a few months ago with a look at the corner today from Google Street View. Look at the two dudes

Casino Royal Adult Theatre advertisement in the Washington Post - December 15th, 1977

Sleezy 14th Street Red Light District

If you lived in or visited Washington in the 1970s or 80s you probably remember how nasty this city was. I remember my father taking me to the 1988 Washington Auto Show at the old convention center, parking a few

San Diego Padres Move to Washington for 1974 Season

Wait, what did you say? The Washington Padres? Yes, that’s right. This deal was pretty much signed, sealed and delivered when the Washington Post reported it on May 28th, 1973 in an article titled “Baseball’s Back! San Diego Padres Play

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