First to Answer This Question Gets a T-Shirt

Officer Sprinkle t-shirt
Officer Sprinkle t-shirt

Okay … trivia time to kick off the Saturday update!

The first person to either post on our Facebook wall or Tweet the answer to @GhostsofDC will get a free Officer Sprinkle t-shirt. The answer to this question is on the blog and if you don’t remember it, it’ll take you about 60 seconds to figure it out.

What was Officer Sprinkle’s wife’s name?

UPDATE: Quick on the draw, @andrewmswift wins with this tweet. The answer is Teresa Sprinkle and it was in this post.

First and foremost, the game last night was awesome (this post is a litter later than normal because I was up late watching the game … followed by the O’s victory over Boston). It’s always an awesome feeling to beat the Phillies, but even sweeter when done in dramatic fashion. Thank you for visiting Washington Phillies fans, hope you enjoy your stay. Please don’t touch or break anything.

Here were our top three posts of the week.

  1. Brookland: New Six-Room Houses; Built-in Garages — Brookland is a great community that’s very tight and sadly, I haven’t focused that much on it yet. If you have ideas for that area, send them along.
  2. 19-Year-Old Phenom Debuts For Washington: Walter Johnson — With the major hype surrounding our latest phenom, it’s good to remember our original baseball wunderkind.
  3. Puerto Rican Nationalists Attempt to Assassinate Truman; Gun Battle on Pennsylvania Avenue — Crazy story, and unfortunately, many people don’t know this.

… here were the duds of the week — dud is starting to feel like a strong pejorative term.

  1. Rambler Bicycles Use the Fastest Tires on Earth — Bicycles are boring? WABA doesn’t think so.
  2. Robinson & Company: Headquarters for the Best Things Suburban — Interesting, but maybe kind of a filler post.
  3. Dr. Clark Johnson’s Indian Blood Syrup: The Best Remedy Known to Man! — How can you not like Indian Blood Syrup?

What did we read this week?

  1. (Trash) Talkin’ Points: The Things You Should Say to Those Phillies Fans This Weekend — This is a D.C. history blog. We hate the Phillies. So do you. #BeatThePhillies
  2. Once a bank and a nightclub, historic F Street building readies for next step — Great post by GoDCer John (aka, @WashSyndicate) about a wonderful old building and an event highlighting the importance or preserving our past.
  3. How Much Would You Pay For The White House? — Can I borrow $110 million?

Oh, this was also a cool video of Bryce Harper on the Mall taking some cuts in a softball game.