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Ghosts of DC store
Ghosts of DC store

Obviously I have an obsession with this blog, otherwise I wouldn’t be doing this. But do you love the blog? If you do, you should get a shirt, a hoodie, a coffee mug or a pint glass. Then, when you take your sweet vacation to China, you can take a picture on the Great Wall wearing the shirt and we’ll post it up here.

This was the best week ever for the blog. We’re regularly seeing over a thousand people come to the site on a daily basis (did you know that 1 p.m. is the most popular time to cruise the site?).  Not bad considering we’re coming up on our four month mark next week. So, thank you so much for continuing to check out the blog. It has been exceedingly fun and interesting to research these stories (especially the bizarre ones).

Take a look at what was popular this week.

  1. U St. and the Dickson Building After the Riots — I could not have predicted this one. But generally “Then and Now” photographs are popular.
  2. Earliest Photograph of the White House — Yes, this was very cool. What an amazing image circa 1846.
  3. Three Things That Happened At Chevy Chase Circle — The popular “Three Things…” series returns. Who knew there were so many GoDCers in Chevy Chase?

… and of course, the major duds.

  1. Colorized Photo of the Milk Woman, Miss Jessie Hoover — What do you have against milk?
  2. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Jackie Robinson Together at Howard University — This is puzzling. Jackie Robinson AND Martin Luther King, Jr. in the same post is not popular?
  3. Officer Sprinkle Breaks Up Street Brawl — Say it ain’t so! An Officer Sprinkle post in the bottom three?

While we’re not blogging, we (I still use the plural) are reading stuff on the Interwebs like these three articles.

  1. D.C. councilor Harry Thomas should get 4-year sentence, prosecutors say — What the hell was he thinking? What a horrible breach of trust. Yo, Harry, you’re making our city look bad (as is half the city council).
  2. Former Ward 5 ANC Commissioner Sentenced to 30 Days — Ugh.
  3. First Boston, Next New York: Caps to Take on Rangers — Some good news. C-A-P-S! A new day for local sports?

Oh, and some dude named Bryce Harper is making his Major League debut tonight in Los Angeles. That’s kind of important, so you should watch it. Is anyone else kind of excited about the Nationals? Walter Johnson is smiling down on us.

Walter Johnson in 1924 (Wikipedia)
Walter Johnson in 1924 (Wikipedia)

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