Titanic, Napoleon, Air Force One, Mafia Wars, Knights Templar and Petworth

Trombone Shorty at the Howard Theatre

Good week? Nah, this was a great week.  We had some really popular posts that made the rounds on Twitter, Facebook and the blogosphere at large.

Here were the top three from this Titanic-centric week.

  1. 100 Years Ago Today: Major Archibald Butt, D.C. Resident, Boards Titanic for Transatlantic Crossing — Everyone’s talking about the Titanic. This evening marks 100 years since it hit the iceberg and went to the bottom. This was a fascinating personal story about a prominent local who was on that ship.
  2. The Original Opening Night at the Howard Theatre — I had the pleasure of attending the Tuesday night performance. The venue is awesome. Trombone Shorty is awesome. George Clinton … dude, you need to hang it up.
  3. Petworth is Like Omaha — Do you prefer the former or the latter? Omaha has the College World Series and Warren Buffett. Petworth has fixed-gear bikes and hipsters.

These were the worst posts of the week. My sincere apologies for boring you with these.

  1. Why Bother Shaving? X-Ray Away Your Unwanted Hair — Lame post. At least 24 GoDCers thought it was okay.
  2. Herbert Copeland: The Last Person Hanged in D.C. — Really? The Nazi execution post was popular.
  3. President’s Jet Breaks 15 Records to Moscow — You either don’t like Kennedy, Air Force One or Moscow. Which one is it?

Have a great Saturday and here’s to an exciting week of posts next week. I won’t divulge the secrets quite yet, but check Twitter on Sunday night.

Trombone Shorty at the Howard Theatre

Trombone Shorty at the Howard Theatre

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