Three Months In and a New Look for Ghosts of DC

Whoa, what happened to Ghosts of DC? Well, we are redesigning the site in celebration of three months being online. Yep, that’s right … hard to believe it we’ve blown through 215 posts thus far. We’re settling into a good routing of two posts per weekday and one post each on Saturday and Sunday. Not only that, but we have posted something every single day since our first post on Nick Altrock, back on January 4th.

I’m sure you thought this would be a quiet, post-free day, but here’s weekly roundup from the blog. Three three posts below were great successes.

  1. The Washington Capitals’ Inaugural Game — Thanks to both Uni Watch and Japers’ Rink, this hockey post blew up. Caps posts seem to be the ones that go viral much easier than other posts (other than the Lincoln one).
  2. Washington’s Rough-and-Tumble Lost Neighborhood of Murder Bay — I think it’s abundantly clear that a neighborhood called Murder Bay will pique the interest of just about anybody.
  3. If Walls Could Talk: Embassy of Ireland — I really enjoyed this post … but I’m still waiting for Ambassador Collins to invite me over for a tour.
jackhammer dude
jackhammer dude

… and were the three giant duds of the week.

  1. Belgium v. Saudi Arabia: ’94 World Cup Game at RFK Stadium — Don’t like soccer?
  2. Library of Congress: Oldest Federal Cultural Institution in America — Don’t like books?
  3. Owning Your Own Apartment is Preferred to Owning Your House — Sorry, this sucked.

Have a great week and I hope you enjoy the new design. Things will be shifting around a bit as we clean things up, but in general, I think this will work a little better, especially with the featured post images.

District of Columbia flag (via Flickr)
District of Columbia flag (via Flickr)

The photo above is an excellent one of the DC flag. I found this on GoDC reader, Mr. T in DC’s (aka, @mrtindc) Flickr photostream.

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