What You Missed This Week

It was slower on the blog because I was out of town for the better part of the week. Thankfully, I had a little assistance from Aaron and his great post on the Hirshhorn.

  1. Union Station: Gateway to Washington, D.C. — The link from HuffPost Hill put this over the top. It’s a cool history of the building wrapped up in a nice five minute video.
  2. All Eyes On The Hirshhorn, But It Wasn’t Always Pretty (Or Round) — First guest post on GoDC and second most popular post this week. Well done Aaron.
  3. Woman Fatally Mauled at National Zoo — All I have to say is … gruesome.

Here are the #FAIL posts of the week. My sincere apologies, but give the Paul McCartney one another chance.

  1. Kennedy Center Honors Paul McCartney — I thought this was awesome. Why didn’t you? Not into the Beatles?
  2. Beach Boys Play the National Mall: July 4th, 1980 — This was a lame one, I know. Hey, I was out of town.
  3. Reagan Had a Great Sense of Humor — Either you dislike Reagan or Washington. Which is it?

Since you probably aren’t going to give that McCartney post a chance, I’ll make it really easy for you buy putting the video here.

This is a lousy rainy day, so stay inside, read at least five posts and watch Netflix.

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