Wrap It Up: March Madness and Life is a Highway

Thanks again to Arin over at HuffPost for the interview. We saw a giant traffic bump from it and hopefully gained a group of new GoDC readers.

Now that your bracket is super jacked up (thanks Mizzou and Duke!), you can focus less on March Madness and more on GoDC … unless Lehigh wins the whole thing (any Mountain Hawks reading this?).

  1. Three Things That Happened at the Washington Monument — The light side and dark side wrapped up into one post with some baseball and a tragic suicide.
  2. British Aeronaut Lands Biplane Between War Department and White House — This was the coolest find of the week … and the kind folks over at the Air and Space Museum agreed.
  3. Three Bridge Suicides in 24 Hours — You apparently enjoy reading the macabre … or maybe not enjoy, but you’re fascinated by it.

Here are the duds of the week that really should have been popular. Why did I waste time on these?

  1. The Iron Lady Margaret Thatcher Visits President Carter and the White House — Not into Thatcher and Carter?
  2. The Masters of Our Fate: Winston Churchill Addresses Congress — What’s up? This was a great speech. Watch it and you’ll agree.
  3. A World War I Hero: First American Dog to Enter German Territory — You don’t like dogs? How can you not like dogs? Everyone loves dogs.

Now stop reading the blog and get out and enjoy the weather … it’s awesome outside. But before you go, there’s one last thing (especially for @DrCapsFan). If you read the HuffPost bit, you’ll understand.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U3sMjm9Eloo]

You know you love this song.

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