Our Five Most Popular Posts … and Five Duds

Abraham Lincoln colorized (1865)

This blog is 150 posts deep now and I’d like to go back and revisit some of the more popular posts. Out of the top 20 posts, 11 were If Walls Could Talk entries and the top two in that category were from Bloomingdale. Enjoy your Saturday Brunch by reading these posts … or read them again.

The five most popular posts on Ghosts of D.C.

  1. Abraham Lincoln in Color (1865) — The top post with three times the traffic of the next one. This went viral on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest, driving a ton of Lincoln fans to the blog.
  2. If Walls Could Talk: Big Bear Cafe — It’s not surprising that this post was so popular, given Big Bear’s popularity. Also, the story of the runaway horse was pretty good.
  3. The Beatles’ First Concert in the U.S. (1964) — How many of you knew the Beatles’ first concert in the U.S. happened here in Washington? You did if you read this early post.
  4. Before Ovechkin: Columbia Heights Roller Hockey — People in D.C. love hockey and they’re fanatical about the Capitals. Readers from Japers’ Rink loved this post about local hockey before Ovechkin.
  5. If Walls Could Talk: The Seaton at 150 Rhode island Ave. NW — A suicide, three-alarm blaze and Leroy Toliver … the recipe for a popular post.

The five least popular posts on Ghosts of D.C.

  1. Bystanders Whipped the Brutal Fellow (1892) — Maybe it was because there was no accompanying photo, but posts like this usually get a little more interest.
  2. Nixon: I Am Not a Crook — The title says it all. This famous video clip was a complete dud with readers. Not a lot of Tricky Dick fans out there.
  3. Lady Bird Johnson Home Movies From the 1960s — Message received. No home movies from LBJ.
  4. President Franklin Roosevelt’s Funeral Procession (1945) — This is a little surprising. One of our greatest presidents and no interest in film from his funeral?
  5. Need a Gas Range circa 1916? — Okay, this one was boring for me too. Just a filler post.