Friday Roundup: Thanks For Reading and Sharing Ghosts of DC

Five weeks into this blog and the response has been far greater than anticipated. Thank you to everyone for reading and sharing Ghosts of DC with their friends. With your help, we have surpassed 700 followers on Twitter and 300 likes on Facebook.

Thanks to a nice shout out by Martin at DCist, we had a nice bump in traffic and steady readership throughout the week. Also thanks to the huge Caps blog Japers’ Rink for sharing our Columbia Heights roller hockey post. Last, thanks to The Hill is Home for sharing the brewery suicide and murder mystery with their Capitol Hill readers.

Pearl Dive
Pearl Dive

Congratulations goes out to Pearl Dive Oyster Palace for being the inaugural “If Walls Could Talk” poll winner. The first democratically chosen post was published today with an abundance of automotive and a twist of diamond theft.

In case you missed it this week, you should read up on the four Nazi saboteurs that were executed in the old D.C. jail. It’s a crazy story that involves submarines, a train tide to Manhattan and a stay at the Mayflower Hotel.

Officer Sprinkle
Officer Sprinkle

Do you remember your senior prom? Well I’m sure Holton-Arms Class of ’75 does, because they had it at the White House. Also, in 1921 Babe Ruth was apparently very excited to meet President Warren G. Harding in the West Wing. I don’t know if I’d be that excited to meet the guy who failed to regulate his subordinates during the Teapot Dome scandal. The other Warren G. would never let that happen.

The rest of the week was rounded out by D.C. hockey before Ovechkin, a day in the life of Marty McFly, the Graf Zeppelin (not Led Zeppelin) floating over the Capitol Building, Buffalo Bill at the Willard and a soccer mom.

Oh, we also posted the naked “what?” girl this week … bizarre photo. The 1920s equivalent of Matthew Lesko (i.e., the question mark guy)?

Please keep reading and sharing Ghosts of DC. Hopefully you’ll enjoy what’s coming up for next week.

Have a great weekend, and remember … Officer Sprinkle was a badass.